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Krishnath College

Subject Combination for 1st Year 2018-2019 Session

Sl. No. Course Subject Name (Any One)
1 English Hons Philosophy, Political Science
2 Philosophy Hons Sanskrit, Bengali, Education
3 History Hons Political Science, Philosophy, Bengali
4 Sanskrit Hons Bengali, Philosophy
5 Bengali Hons History, Sanskrit, Education
6 Political Science Hons History, Geography, Sociology
7 Economics Hons English, Political Science, Geography, Mathematics
8 Geography Hons Political Science, Economics
9 Chemistry Hons Physics, Mathematics
10 Physics Hons Mathematics, Chemistry
11 Physiology Hons Chemistry, Botany, Zoology
12 Mathematics Hons Physics, Chemistry
13 Botany Hons Zoology, Chemistry, Physiology
14 Zoology Hons Botany, Chemistry, Physiology
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